Rican Studio is a multi-media studio that specializes in portraiture, fashion, and product photography. We also have experience covering high-end events such as weddings, fashion shows, and corporate events. In addition to still photography, we create video and podcast content to help our clients tell their stories, drive sales, and showcase their brand.

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Rican Studio is located within Habit Commons in Plano, Texas, in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Just off the President George Bush Turnpike near historic downtown Plano, we are easy to access from Dallas, Richardson, McKinney, Allen and the surrounding area.​​​​​​​ 


Tony Rican
Rican Studio was founded by Tony Rican in 2016, while he was living as an expat in Tunis, Tunisia. A former university professor with a background in philosophy, linguistics, and communication, Tony's love of photography was sparked by his experiences living and teaching abroad.

In late 2022, Tony moved his business back to the US, because of a deteriorating political and economic situation in Tunisia. See the Love of Photography album for photos from his life and travels.
At Rican Studio, we pride ourselves on our expertise in communication. Our approach is to always begin by thoroughly understanding our clients' needs and goals for their media. By doing so, we are able to create content that effectively conveys their message and meets their objectives.

Authentic | Intentional | Clean

True to LIFE Skin Tones & Retouching

Photos and videos should tell an authentic story whether candid or editorialized. There is authenticity and beauty in the disorder of reality. That said, some of our favorite editorial photos are extremely clean, with graphic colors, and clear lines. 

It is important to us to avoid the uncanny valley of some modern wedding and advertising photography, which looks computer generated in its perfection. 

Our best work doesn't look retouched (even if it is) and doesn't create false realities. 

Artistry and professionalism is found in intentionality. A professional knows where to be to capture the perfect moment, as well as how to light and direct a subject for the perfect composition.

Our best work removes distractions to focus on the story of the subject.

We use contrast and color to emphasize aspects already present in a scene. The best photos and videos start with great color and lighting, which takes planning and intentionality... or luck and a good eye. 

We use top of the line cameras and lenses (at the moment Sony ). We use lighting extensively in all types of photography and videography. At times this means bringing the wow-factor, and at other times this simply means capturing the scene is the highest possible quality. 

Our style of wedding photography combines photojournalism and fashion photography. The result is often a clean and crisp true-to-life portraits. These are delivered with candid shots of ceremonies, preparations, and receptions filled with life and emotion. We pride ourselves on not just being photographers, but artists creating unique and expressive imagery. Our goal is to capture the essence of any event moment by moment. 

As professionals we take extreme ownership of a project in order to deliver world class photos and videos while remaining open to experimentation and continuously learning. We see it as our job to deliver photos that make our clients happy. 

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