We have shot over 100 weddings in the US, North Africa (Tunisia), Italy, and France including numerous multi-day ceremonies. He has covered Indian, Tunisian, Arab, and Muslim ceremonies, with principle participants from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK, China, Tunisia, and Algeria.

Our mission is to provide a world-class photography experience while doing whatever it takes to consistently deliver stunning images. We develop a stylistic vision by listening carefully to our clients, and shooting in manner consistent with their expectations. We offer counsel and guidance based upon years of experience capturing weddings. 

We strive to do our work not only with the utmost attention to detail, but also with joy and humility, knowing that we are participating one of  your most important moments.
Our style of wedding photography combines photojournalism and fashion photography. The result is often a clean and crisp true-to-life look for portraits delivered with candid shots of ceremonies, preparations, and receptions filled with life and emotion. We pride ourselves on not just being photographers, but artists creating unique and expressive imagery. Our goal is to capture the essence of an event moment by moment.

We see it as our job to deliver photos that make our clients happy.  Yet, we know that this is an important question especially for our Wedding Photography clients.

 We prefer photos that tell an authentic story whether candid or editorialized and is immediately seen as intentional; not taken by accident.  Artistry and professionalism is found in intentionality. A professional knows where to be to capture the perfect moment, as well as how to direct a subject for the perfect composition.

Our best photos remove distractions to focus on the story of the subject.

True to Life Colors  and Tones: Our best photos have vibrant colors and tones in them when we take them. We use contrast and color to emphasize aspects present in the photo. We aren't against creating something new, but more often than the not, the best photos start with great color and lighting, which takes planning and intentionality, or luck and a good eye. Photos that grab your eye today with heavy filters and styles look dated over time.

Retouching: Our best photos don't look retouched and don't create false realities. This doesn't mean we don't believe in retouching, we do when necessary. This means we make you look your best, not like someone else.

Professionalism: We use top of the line cameras and lenses (at the moment Sony ). We also use off camera flash and lighting modifiers extensively, in all types of photography and videography. At times this means bringing the wow-factor, and at other times this simply means capturing the scene is the highest possible quality. Our style is professional in the sense that we want to adapt extreme ownership in order to deliver world class photos and videos while remaining open to experimentation and continuously learning.
Portraiture? Reportage?

We refer to event photography as reportage because we strive for a style that is candid and unobtrusive, allowing us to capture natural, spontaneous moments as they occur. Photographers often walk a fine line between reporting on an event and helping to create it. We prefer to use the term "reportage" or help keep this line clear. 

While we can fade into the background, when called for, we often embrace the role of director to create a great experience for our subjects, using posing, direction, and lighting to create stunning images. Wedding photography often requires direction during couple shoots and family portraits, yet time and time again the most cherished moments are those captured spontaneously, candidly, without a thought or care towards the photographer or videographer.

We prefer to use the term "portraiture" over "portrait photography" for a few reasons. First the term "portraiture" has historically connoted concepts such as fine-art photography and the use of the mediums such as painting. Second, the idea of portraiture conveys the idea that something more than simple documentation is going on in the process. Finally, we aren't only interested in photography, but also video and the use of AI.

There is tension between reportage and portraiture. We love both and want to maintain the tension. The best moments of someone else's wedding or other special event is often a moment without direction. We need to hone our ability to capture the moment without interfering. Fashion photography and content creation  often asks us to create a vision and story. Wedding couples often want the same during a couple shoot. We need to both be able to capture the magic when it happens, and create it when called for.
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